Species profile: Hagenella clathrata

June 26, 2018

Hagenella clathrata (Kolenati, 1848)

Hagenella clathrata is one of eight members of the Family Phryganeidae found in Ireland, and the only representatives of the genus. It is a species whose larvae can be found in tiny pools on raised bogs and heaths, among tussocks of grasses and sedges. Its substratum preference includes coarse and fine particulate organic matter, and plant material. The species shows a preference acidic water. Its case is made of rectangular sections of dead leaves and is slightly curved.

Hagenella clathrata has a univoltine reproductive cycle (one generation per year) in temperate regions and lives less than one year. Its feeding ecology is partly predatory, partly shredding of fallen leaves and plant material.

Characteristic features of the larva of Hagenella clathrata include the largely unsclerotized mesodorsum and metadorsum, the presence of lateral and dorsal protuberances on the 1st abdominal segment, the absence of conspicuous dark bands on the head and pronotum,  and the apical setae of the tibia and the basal setae of the tarsal claw are slightly curved.

Adults of Hagenella clathrata can be found on the wing in the period June-July in Britain, but, to date, have only been found in June in Ireland.

There are no records of Hagenella clathrata on National Biodiversity Data Centre page at the time of writing, as the species was only added to the Irish list in June 2018, when it was confirmed by a specimen taken in Ower, Co. Galway by Dr Martin Gammell and Dr Catriona Carlin, after being photographed on Abbeyleix Bog, Co. Laois in 2016 by Tina Claffey.


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Last updated: 15/12/2018

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