Species profile: Limnephilus flavicornis

July 12, 2017

Limnephilus flavicornis (Fabricius, 1787)

Limnephilus flavicornis is one of 40 members of the Family Limnephilidae found in Ireland, and one of 24 members of the genus Limnephilus. It is a species whose larvae can be found in lakes, ponds and pools. Its substratum preference includes plant material, particulate organic matter, sand and gravel, in standing and slow-flowing water. Limnephilus flavicornis has a case made from thin sections of plant material arranged tangentially. Its larvae can occur in brackish water and shows no preference for pH.

In temperate areas, Limnephilus flavicornis has a univoltine (one generation per year) reproductive cycle. The feeding ecology of its larvae is predominantly shredding, with some predation and grazing.

Characteristic features of the larva of Limnephilus flavicornis include a prosternal horn, dorsal protuberance on the 1st abdominal segment, antenna midway between the eye and the anterior head margin, some gills with three or more filaments, anterior or posterior face of at least one femur of the 2nd and 3rd legs with one or more additional setae, two strong setae on the ventral edge of the femur of the 2nd leg, both 1st leg femur ventral setae pale, anterior third of pronotum darker than the remaining two-thirds, and the proventer with lateral sternites separate from the prosternite, which is well-defined and has an area darker than the lateral sternites.

Adults of Limnephilus flavicornis can be found on the wing from May to November, with a summer diapause.

For details of published records of Limnephilus flavicornis, visit the National Biodiversity Data Centre page here.

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