Today marks four years since I made my first post to Trichoptera Ireland. I have have continued collecting references related to caddisflies in Ireland, including their biology, ecology and distribution.

The website includes 61 published references related to caddisflies in Ireland gathered in one location (and more to come). In 2016, the site had 1,248 visitors from 74 countries (up from 834 visitors from 57 countries in 2015). The Top 5 countries for 2016 were: Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil and Germany.

There are now 115 species profiles available on the website, with more being added all the time.

Thanks to all my visitors. I hope you have found something useful here.

trichoptera-of-finlandI have just got my hands on the newly-published Trichoptera Larvae of Finland and thought I’d take a moment to write a few lines about it. This attractive hardback publication includes an introduction to the biology and ecology of the caddisflies of Finland and nearby countries, along with dichotomous keys to families and species. In the back, the distributions of all 216 Finnish species are illustrated in distribution maps and also presented in tabular form by region, along with the Red List status of each species. The book is packed with drawings and photographs of caddisfly larvae, identifying features, head capsules and cases.

While clearly this book is most useful to those studying caddisflies in Finland and nearby countries, Ireland shares 109 species with Finland, and so there much to interest Irish workers. I think it is a worthy addition to the libraries of those interested in these fascinating creatures.

Title: Trichoptera Larvae of Finland: A Key to the caddis larvae of Finland and nearby countries
Authors: Aki Rinne & Peter Wiberg-Larsen
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Trificon
ISBN: 978-951-95015-0-5
Year: 2017
Price: €108 (including postage)

Available from: