For the last number of years I have been working to gather together the published records of Trichoptera in Ireland. These data were submitted to the National Biodiversity Data Centre to form the ‘Trichoptera (caddisflies) of Ireland’ dataset, and from there were disseminated through GBIF. However, with the publication of A Catalogue and Atlas of the Caddisflies of Ireland by James P. O’Connor (2015), this dataset is obsolete. While the dataset was based on published records, some of these records have since been deemed unsafe or plain wrong, and so the records (some 20,000) contained in the Catalogue and Atlas should be consider the most complete and correct dataset of Trichoptera in Ireland at this time. It is hoped that these records will be digitised and made available through the National Biodiversity Data Centre mapping system in the near future, so that they will be readily available to people working on this group and in a format that facilitates analysis. In the meantime, copies of the Catalogue and Atlas are available from a number of book vendors and the Irish Biogeographical Society website.